Dear brothers and sisters, on this happy occasion I as the Head of the Sekolah Tinggi Theologi Baptis Indonesia (STBI) Semarang express my gratitude to God and thank you profusely, for the attention and good cooperation between STBI and the academic community, as well as the community at generally. In order to improve the quality of services and information to the campus community, supporters (stakeholders), users (users), and enthusiasts of STBI, this website was launched.

With the STBI motto: “Equipping God’s People to Serve.”, the Indonesian Baptist Theology College (STBI) Semarang strives to be a part of the activities and performance of the ministry of God’s people. For this reason, together with churches and Christian service institutions, STBI is here to improve the quality of Christian life and the quality of ecclesiastical services for the advancement of society, nation, and state in living with honor, dignity, and culture. In addition, the website that STBI has launched is also intended to provide information and services as a form of STBI’s service to the community. STBI’s service to the community in general and the scientific community in particular, through the provision of library pages, journals, and scientific research reports.

With hope and respect for God, let us ask Him, may He always be pleased to bless us, our ministry, and our STBI.

Pdt. Dr. Robinson Rimun

Rector of STBI

Vice Chairman

Dr. Ir. Eko Wahyu Suryaningsih, M.Th

Wakil Ketua I Bidang Akademik

Yesaya Bangun Ekoliesanto, M.Th

Wakil Ketua II Bidang Administrasi Umum & Kepegawaian

Dr. Priyantoro Widodo, M.Th

Wakil Ketua III Bidang Kemahasiswaan

Dr. Sari Saptorini, M.Mis

Wakil Ketua IV Bidang Kerjasama

Adi Wibowo, M.Th

Kepala Program Studi
S1 Teologi

Dr. Mariani Harmadi, M.Pd

Kepala Program Studi
S1 Pendidikan Agama Kristen

Dr. Priyantoro Widodo, M.Th

Kepala Program Studi
S2 Teologi

Dr. Dwi Ariefin, M.Th

Kepala Program Studi
S2 Pendidikan Agama Kristen

Dr. Aji Suseno, M.Th

Kepala Program Studi
S3 Teologi

Dr. Sonny Eli Zaluchu, M.Th

Kepala Lembaga Penelitian
dan Pengabdian Masyarakat

Karnawati, M.Pd

Kepala Kantor
Jaminan Mutu